Your image film to perfectly stage your company or project. With guaranteed wow effect.

  • Video duration | 2 - 4 min.
  • Added value through emotion and knowledge transfer.
  • Your tool for effective customer and brand loyalty.

Social Media Content
Short videos for advertising and marketing purposes. Specially designed for your favorite social media platform.

  • Video duration |  1 - 20 min.
  • The tool for fast customer response
  • Inspire your target audience with infovideos or targeted excerpts

Your film in reportage/short film style. This format takes time to look at your topic from different angles.

  • Video  duration |  10 - 15 min.
  • Dokumentarstil
  • Focus on information transfer and journalistic editing
  • Emotional & authentic

Customized production

Often a film is difficult to squeeze into one of the above formats. Together we find the best possible solution and work out a production independent of common standards. Price on request.

  • Duration of the video
  • Style of dramaturgy
  • Format