"Video directly affects the emotional system of the brain and gets into your subconscious mind."

- Birk Ruhsam, BA

Seedia & partner.

Together we create more.

With the help of my cooperation partners, I take care of your professional media product. Teamwork is essential for extensive projects. Whether planning assistance, external camera work or professional color editing - you can always rely on my cooperation partners. Below is a list of my most frequently involved project-related partners and assistants.



Founder of Seedia 

For almost 4 years Birk worked as an employee of a video production company as a post producer, digital editor and cameraman. He looks back on a total of 8 years of education in media, communication and journalism.


Assistant content production

Marian works with vision, technical expertise and psychological finesse - he always knows what deep-seated needs a media product should address and is thus able to generate the maximum customer response.


Postproduction & camera work

Viktor and Birk have worked together on numerous film projects since their time together at the FHWien of WKW. Viktor supports Seedia with his talent as cinematographer and post producer - with focus on color grading, animation and sound engineering.


Postproduction & camera work

With Simon's help, Seedia's products take on a dynamic edge. Simon captures dynamic and aesthetic shots using motorized steadycams to create dramatic image composition for your film project.

Fascination Media.
About Birk Ruhsam.

Birk looks back on a total of 8 years of education in the field of media and communication. He spent 5 years at a vocational high school in Biedermannsdorf and 3 years in content production and digital media management at the FHWien der WKW. More and more he developed a solid knowledge and practical understanding of how media works. In his final academic thesis, he intensively studied the dramaturgy and structure of journalistic documentary film and then applied the most effective principles in practice.

At the age of 12, he and his friends started making their own feature films - more precisely, action films in the style of the old Bond movies. At that time they already great importance to effective staging, storytelling and computer-generated effects. The motivation for this was strongly intrinsic. For him, this still accounts for the fascination of film production today: That the work is not perceived as work, but as a joint contribution that arises from an intrinsic motivation. And it is precisely this approach that is then reflected in the final product.


Theory & practice.
More than 6 years of professional experience.

Before founding Seedia e.U., Birk worked for almost 4 years in a video production company as a

digital editor, film producer and camera operator. He was especially dedicated to the following tasks:
  • Conception of short films - Editorial planning, organization and scheduling of shooting for productions in the field of documentaries and teasers.
  • Handling of live direction - complete routing of 6 remotely controllable PTZ cameras as well as audio routing of 12 channels, distribution of the live stream to TV, radio and internet as well as director and camera operator with two assistants (image mixer, audio mixer) under Birk's direction.
  • Studio productions - implementation of various tasks at the director's desk from audio assistant to teleprompter operator to main director responsible for the entire execution.
  • Interviewing - researching and scheduling conversations with selected protagonists for interview productions.
  • Off-Text Voiceover - Editorial writing of off-text and voiceover/recording in the voiceover booth.
  • Layout and graphic design - creation of graphics in the field of social media marketing and public relations, as well as placement of advertising campaigns in Facebook as agreed.
  • Post production - video editing, color grading and audio editing for numerous productions in the field of interviews, documentaries, short films and teasers.

My drive.
About the endless possibilites of new media.

I am convinced that media, and in particular the moving image, have a tremendous influence on the human psyche. This influence is often underestimated and media are perceived as something trivial. But it is precisely through advertising, films and popular series that all social standards, norms and socially accepted behaviors are subconsciously conveyed.

Therefore, it is especially important for the medium of film to proceed very cautiously and to be aware of this responsibility. With the knowledge of how film and media work, it is possible to create attractive content and get maximum target group response. 

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