Generate new customers through clear & authentic storytelling.

A picture says more than a thousand words - but a film opens up the whole world. With professional video productions I put an exclamation mark behind your self-presentation and demonstrate the benefits you can offer your target group. I support you in your professional external appearance, so that you have a free hand for the things that are most important to you.

Check out our latest production with a client in the field of mental training. The platform Neowake™️ is the largest provider of neuroacoustic and bioinformative frequencies for the body and mind in Europe.

 The power of video works - in heads & hearts.

Did you know that 84% of marketing experts think video content is a great lead generation tool? The reason is simple: film combines auditory, visual and narrative elements into a dense whole that works. Your message is wrapped in storytelling, creating an authentic body of work that will be remembered. Present yourself authentically and determine how your target group perceives you and what images they have of you in their minds. Together, we will convey your message in a professional way and ensure that you can count on more reach, better response and higher sales in a short time.


My drive: Moving people.

As a filmmaker, I know how strongly the moving image affects our psyche. This influence is always underestimated - especially because media are so ubiquitous. I consciously use this effect in my work to provoke thoughts, create emotions and thereby generate maximum resonance.

Even as a child, I was fascinated by the effect of film and media on the human psyche. I decided to follow my passion for image and sound and now look back on a total of 8 years of training in the field of media and communication.

More influence
Attract even more leads and customers with purchasing power through the successful use of moving images.
More sales
More reach and awareness ultimately means more customers willing to pay for your business or project.
Better response
Together, we work to produce targeted content that is likeable, branded, and customer engaging.

Successful collaborations with:


What my customers say:

"Sensationally beautifully cut!"

"Beautifully shot and produced. An impressive documentary!"
- Jens Lang | Science Editor and TV Journalist ORF

"Multifaceted and dynamic!"

"Seedia e.U. offers customized video marketing at the highest level. Above all, the own commitment and the invested heart and soul in very different video genres makes the cooperation multifaceted and dynamic. I am happy to be able to work with Seedia!"
- Marvin Alberg | CEO Alberg Ventures GmbH & Founder of Neowake

"Excellent work!"

"Thank you very much, we will publish that with priority in the morning."
- Harald Fidler | Head of Department Media & Advertising at Der Standard
Referring to a video series and reporting at the IJF in Perugia, Italy.

"Great value add for my business."

"Birk provided me with solid added value for my online presence. Through his empathetic manner and exact listening, he understood exactly what my project was about. My seminars were sold out and the response to the video was extremely positive."
- Katharina Hönig, BSc | Biotechnologist & Holistic Health Expert

"More than satisfactory!"

"The first cooperation took place in the course of a video production, where I was allowed to give an interview on the topic of "Vegan Nutrition
nutrition and top-class sport". In the following it came to a
further cooperation in the production of medical brochures. Here I received a more than satisfactory support with the layout design and
layout design and implementation. Both collaborations were characterized by
competent consulting - Birk brought
ideas, but also took my ideas and wishes into account at the same time.
ideas and wishes."
- Dr. med. univ. Markus Kolm | Doctor of General Medicine

"Thank you for more customers!"

"Birk works with incredible precision and clear storytelling. With his video and marketing campaigns, I have not only gained more customers, but have also seen success with higher-priced offers."
- Franz Schmid | Personaltrainer & Entrepreneur

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